Welcome to the Crafts Fair
August 11th-13th 2016
Photo: Crafts Fair

The Crafts Fair at Copenhagen’s Frue Plads

is an annual event, arranged by Danish Crafts & Design Association; www.dkod.dk. The market provides a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the many crafts and design studios in Denmark.
Experience more than 130 professionals within the fields of ceramics, glass, textiles, wood/basketry and jewellery.
All participants have either graduated from Danish design academies, or have been included through strict censorship.

The Crafts Market's Prize - Håndfuglen
Håndfuglen was established in 2007 and is awarded to the winners of two competitions Best New Product and Best One Off Piece respectively. 

Market opening hours
Thursday August 11th 12pm-7pm
Friday August 12th 10am-7pm
Saturday August 13th 10am-4pm


Save the dates: August 11th-12th -13th 2016